Why Cadence?

The purpose of this blog for the Bangor Daily News is clearly stated in the title.  A good cadence can do many things.  Some cadences make us laugh.  Others remind us of a shared history or a better place.  All of them can rhythmically unite an unorganized mass of humanity into a single unit moving with purpose. They are a catalyst for synergy.

During my work with veterans, and as a veteran myself, I have witnessed a wonderful community of people who are committed to helping those who served their nation.  There are a myriad of federal and state entities, nonprofit agencies, and even private citizens who are all trying to support the troops.  Despite their good intentions, at times they appear an unorganized mass of humanity.  They are all moving about with great enthusiasm, but they trip over each other and themselves.  In military aviation terminology, they are all thrust and no vector.

I am not so arrogant as to believe my little blog can cause all of those veteran support resources to fall-in and dress right, dress.  But hopefully I can have at least a limited impact here in Maine.  By sharing ideas, experiences, and efforts I dream of hearing a distant heal beat that indicates we’re all moving in the same direction for the same purpose.

This blog is for everyone.  It is for the families and loved ones who want to find their veteran some help.

It is for our lawmakers and government officials, who need to make wise decisions on our behalf.

It is for employers, who might not appreciate what skills a veteran employee brings to the table.

It is for the compassionate citizens, who want to help but don’t know where to start.

Primarily, of course, this blog is for my brothers and sisters in arms.  I hope to tell your stories, voice your concerns, keep you informed, and fight on your behalf.  If we don’t hang together, we dang sure are going to hang separately.


Model A Ford and a tank full of gas…

Wait, this is a family publication.  We better keep the cadence g-rated.

Your left,

Your left,

Your left,

 right, left

Clifford M. Gray

About Clifford M. Gray

I grew up in Enfield and moved to the Bangor area in junior high. I enlisted in the US Air Force Immediately after graduating from Hampden Academy. During my 20-year career I served in intelligence, command & control, and the Air Force's history and museum program. Following my retirement I completed my undergraduate at California State University, Chico, with a BA in History and Social Science. I returned to Maine last year to attend graduate school. I currently work as a veteran advocate in the area of peer support.