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I grew up in Enfield and moved to the Bangor area in junior high. I enlisted in the US Air Force Immediately after graduating from Hampden Academy. During my 20-year career I served in intelligence, command & control, and the Air Force's history and museum program. Following my retirement I completed my undergraduate at California State University, Chico, with a BA in History and Social Science. I returned to Maine last year to attend graduate school. I currently work as a veteran advocate in the area of peer support.

PTSD Myths, Part 2: Hollywood and the Wounded Warrior Project

Hollywood and the Wounded Warrior Project should be ashamed of themselves.  Actors and directors claim artistry in portraying the struggles of combat veterans, but their accuracy avoids serious scrutiny — as does their profit motive.  Their dramatization of real issues has done more harm than good. Ditto to the Wounded Warrior Project, who only partially acknowledged […]

Why Cadence?

The purpose of this blog for the Bangor Daily News is clearly stated in the title.  A good cadence can do many things.  Some cadences make us laugh.  Others remind us of a shared history or a better place.  All of them can rhythmically unite an unorganized mass of humanity into a single unit moving […]